Basecamp 2


What is Basecamp 2?

Basecamp 2 offers the regularity and social benefits of a social club with a structured programme of individual personal development tailored to individual needs and personal circumstances. Young people meet each week at the club base where they can undertake a mixture of social activities, structured group work, and receive the 1:1 support of trained mentors to help facilitate their personal programme. Interested in becoming a mentor? Click here.

We are delighted to announce we are now taking referrals for Girls Basecamp 2 Edinburgh 2019

If you would like to note your interest for future programmes in Edinburgh or the Lothians simply contact the office on 0131 661 3834 or

Over the course of 26 sessions, Basecamp 2 helps participants to focus on their own strengths and goals by supporting them to take part in new activities and experiences. With the help of a mentor, the young people decide which activities and experiences they would like to try. The mentors will help plan these activities and will support on a 1:1 basis over the 26 sessions to help achieve these goals. We provide participants with a workbook which gives examples and ideas of activities they can try, ultimately leading to the completion of the 6 Cairn Certificates.|

What are the Cairn Certificates?

A Cairn is a man-made pile of rocks, used as a landmark on a path or journey, and we apply this idea to the Cairns in Basecamp 2. The Basecamp 2 experience will lead participants along the six Cairn Certificates: Social, Community, Life Skills, Talent, Challenge and My World. Once they have achieved a Cairn, they can move on to the next stage of their journey in any order they like. Once all six Cairns have been achieved, Basecamp 2 has been completed and the participants receive their SUMMIT AWARD. See below for some examples of the activities and experiences that can be undertaken in order to complete the Cairn Certificates:



Social: “I could teach others at the club a skill that I have learned” or “I could go for a coffee with other people from the club”.

Community: “I could make a poster about recycling in my local area” or “I could become a member of my local library and take out a book”.

Life Skills: I could plan, and then take a trip on public transport” or “I could try to cook a healthy meal from a recipe”.

Talent: “I could learn some words or phrases in another language” or “I could try to make my own comic strip”.

Challenge: “I could try to hula-hoop without stopping or dropping the hoop for two minutes” or “I could participate in or organise a sponsored walk/run”.

My World: “I could invite the local police to the club to talk about road safety” or “I could learn how to keep myself safe online”.

As you can see, each activity chosen to complete the Cairn Certificate is designed by the participant themselves, creating a truly individual experience for everyone who attends.

The workbook then provides participants with a log of their progress, with space to tease out their ideas and reflect on their achievements.

Who is it for?

Children and young people from across Edinburgh and the Lothians, aged 11-17, who want to try new things and meet new people. Participants must be willing to engage in a group environment, although part of the role of the mentor is to assist in making this experience as comfortable as possible.

Where is Basecamp 2 held?

The weekly sessions are held at community centres with a central location, in close proximity to local amenities such as sports halls, libraries, shopping centres etc.

Please follow our social media pages for information on future Basecamp 2 sessions launching in your council area.

What is the cost?

All enquiries about the programme should be directed to our office.

How many children and young people can attend?

We can accept 12 children and young people to take part in each cohort.

How can I get my child involved?

The current Edinburgh cohorts of Basecamp 2 are at capacity. If you would like to note your interest for future programmes in Edinburgh or the Lothians simply contact the office on 0131 661 3834 or